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  Bing Has Nice Big Images Okay, so this isn’t exactly a game changer. But Bing’s homepage is really nice. Go to do a search on Bing and you’ll be greeted by a huge and very attractive ‘photo of the day’. Someday, that beautiful big image could end up being the one thing Google doesn’t have. It’s unlikely but it could happen! So then, what do most people use Pinterest for? As mentioned, Pinterest essentially revolves around mood boards which are designed to provide inspiration or to collect ideas. One of the most popular types of boards that users will create for this purpose as an example are ‘wedding boards’. When an engaged couple begin planning their wedding, they will often start by creating a Pinterest board and then looking for inspiration. They’ll then look at boards created by other users and search for ideas for wedding dresses, for wedding locations, for table decorations, for cakes, for suits etc. (or they may create separate boards for each of those